Club Death Match
Announcement Club Death Match | POSTED BY: Admin 11.11.2018

Club Death Match

Every Sunday 8:00 PM


15 members including Club Master of the S-Rank Club
Club Death Match's Rule
* Maximum Members: 15 people including Club master
* CDM Time: 1Hour
* Who can get CDM’s right:
Club master will grant the right to participate in CDM to 15 members.
Club master is always has capacity to qualified himself in joining CDM.

Club master cannot give the right of CDM to other members in 10 minutes before CDM started until CDM ended (The member without the right cannot participate).

Ways to join:
- Club master can provide the right to the member by clicking ‘Appoint Sub-master button’ then choose ‘Club challenge’ and click ‘OK’.

- You should enter ‘CDM E-Room’ from the hole in the ‘Market Place’. (In front of Shibuya II entrance)

Ways to proceed
- Inside club death match zone, you can change save point and purchase the item you need from ‘Legendary Brawler (Clone)’.

- Club death match will start then you can now have a battle with the other clubs
- You can exchange the reward to the NPC called ‘Legendary Brawler’ after the club death match is done.

(Participants Reward)
Top 1 Guild Reward: Amplified CDM Coupon [1HR] exchange it to +9 Ampli Set [5D] without rv.
Top 2 Guild Reward: 5pcs Trophy
Top 3 Guild Reward: 3pcs Trophy
Consolation Reward: 1pc Trophy

Caution pointers
- In the process of club death match, you cannot use Card Item to move to another map. (For example: Campus return card)

- While the CDM is proceeding, CDM E-Room cannot be entered.
- In club death match pets cannot be used.
- In the process of CDM, club master cannot suggest to authorize CDM’s right.
- While the CDM is in the process, club battle can’t be start.
- Right after the CDM has come to an end, all the characters are moving to the Market Place, and available to exchange the reward to the NPC called ‘Legendary Brawler’.

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