Auto Suryun Mechanics
Announcement Auto Suryun Mechanics | POSTED BY: Admin 12.2.2018

Hello Ranatics,
Are all of you prepared to save Ami?



Date & Time


Requirements (Level)

Extra Stage A


Every Saturday 7:00 PM

Takes place at N-Practicing Yard by using Event Bus Card from Practicing Yard






Rules and Regulations For Extra Stage A:

 Quest From: Ami [Practicing Yard]

  •  Get quest from NPC Ami when she appears in Practicing Yard.
  • Buy a Bus Card [1 gold] and enter N-Practicing Yard via the Bus Terminal which will appear in the middle of the yard.
  •  1-hour potions [1 gold], arrows and talismans may be bought from Dorothy inside the Arena at certain intervals.
  •  Survive 6 waves of random mobs
  •  Talk to NPC Citizen who will spawn after the last wave of mobs.
  •  Wait for Ami to spawn and talk with her to finish the quest.

 Players will be automatically transported back to the normal


Rewards For Extra Stage A:

Extra Stage A Certificate [untradeable] and Arena Random Box A


Basic Event Rules:


  • Extra Stage is an auto-generated and auto-executed event.
  • Players will be unable to teleport/back point back to N-Practicing Yard after the bus card has expired.
  • Mobs are spawned which may drop gold/basic refines. Killing them are optional.
  • Players must survive until the last wave of mobs and wait for NPC Citizen to spawn to complete the quest given by Ami.
  • NPC Dolthy will spawn at regular intervals during which players may replenish potions and arrows/talismans.
  • 50 HP/MP/SP potions are available for 1 gold each which expire once the event is over.
  • The level, health and strength of the mob increases after each wave.
  • Each wave lasts for around 10 minutes or less.
  • Extra Stage Random Boxes only give random contents. The Extra Costume is only available through the Stage S Extra Costume box.

We hope that all of you succeed in this test of endurance and this is time to prove what you’re made of.


During the event, do not move to other maps because once you are out, it is not possible to get back into the Extra Stage again.

No penalty of exp loss for dying in the Extra Stage but try not to die during the event because you will be resurrected at the start point where is considered as outside of Extra Stage Map.

Ami's Request' can only be completed when it has been carried out in assigned order.


Enjoy the events. Have fun

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