Auto Suryun Mechanics
Announcement Auto Suryun Mechanics | POSTED BY: Admin 12.2.2018

Hello Ranatics,
Are all of you prepared to save Ami?



Date & Time


Requirements (Level)

Extra Stage A


Every Saturday 7:00 PM

Takes place at N-Practicing Yard by using Event Bus Card from Practicing Yard






Rules and Regulations For Extra Stage A:

 Quest From: Ami [Practicing Yard]

  •  Get quest from NPC Ami when she appears in Practicing Yard.
  • Buy a Bus Card [1 gold] and enter N-Practicing Yard via the Bus Terminal which will appear in the middle of the yard.
  •  1-hour potions [1 gold], arrows and talismans may be bought from Dorothy inside the Arena at certain intervals.
  •  Survive 6 waves of random mobs
  •  Talk to NPC Citizen who will spawn after the last wave of mobs.
  •  Wait for Ami to spawn and talk with her to finish the quest.

 Players will be automatically transported back to the normal


Rewards For Extra Stage A:

Extra Stage A Certificate [untradeable] and Arena Random Box A


Basic Event Rules:


  • Extra Stage is an auto-generated and auto-executed event.
  • Players will be unable to teleport/back point back to N-Practicing Yard after the bus card has expired.
  • Mobs are spawned which may drop gold/basic refines. Killing them are optional.
  • Players must survive until the last wave of mobs and wait for NPC Citizen to spawn to complete the quest given by Ami.
  • NPC Dolthy will spawn at regular intervals during which players may replenish potions and arrows/talismans.
  • 50 HP/MP/SP potions are available for 1 gold each which expire once the event is over.
  • The level, health and strength of the mob increases after each wave.
  • Each wave lasts for around 10 minutes or less.
  • Extra Stage Random Boxes only give random contents. The Extra Costume is only availa
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