4v4 Tournament
Announcement 4v4 Tournament | POSTED BY: Admin 12.6.2018

Event Notice
Match Rule:

1. 4v4 Party vs Party each party must have archer,swordsman,brawler & shamman.

2. Tournament Box will given 2 days before the event you need to equip all the items in the Tournament Box during the event.
Tournament Box Contains:
Amplified Sets,Weapons,Hover Board,Headgear,Necklace,Earring & Rings

3. Participants have to arrive at Wedding Hall 30 minutes before the match start you will automatically transported to "Ran Tournament Arena" December 16th 2018 5:30 PM [PH TIME].

4. During the 30 minutes, participants have to prepare all of their skills and equips for the match.

5.First match of the Tournament will be start on 6:00 PM so user does not have time to prepare it again.

6. Each contestant will be summoned to the arena before the match start (if one or both of the contestants is late / offline, the team will automatically lose the match).

7. GM will be the Party Leader of each team. Match will be run on Party Duel Mode. GM will do monitoring only.

8. Potions/Fate Box, cannot be used in the Tournament Arena.

9. Tournament is using 4.0 HP Increase Rate.

10. Once the match is starting, it cannot be stop for whatever reason (for example, user forgot to equip skill / equip).

11. If you got disconnected, match will keep continuing and the result is FINAL.

Warning :

1. Disturbs the match progress will be kick and banned for uncertain time.

2. Any user that uses illegal program / item during Tournament will get disqualified and banned directly.

3. Inappropriate word during the Tournament (for user and viewer) will be kick and banned for uncertain time.

4. GM's decision is FINAL and cannot be argued.

How to register your team?
Registration Fee: 10M
"Fill up this form"

Team Name:
Brawler: (IGN)
Swordsman: (IGN)
Archer: (IGN)
Shamman: (IGN)
Gold Holder:(IGN)

Send it to [email protected]

[ Reward ]
Champion: 4,000 E-Points & Crown [30D] & Title
1st Place: 1,500 E-Points
2nd Place: 1,000 E-Points
3rd Place: 500 E-Points


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