How to load E-points
Announcement How to load E-points | POSTED BY: Administrator 09.28.2018

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Conversion: 1 PHP = 1 E-POINTS


How to load E-Points
Step 1:
Login your account on website.
Step 2: Go to user navigation buttom right of your screen.

Step 3: Click Submit a helpdesk ticket.

Step 4: Choose Title

Step 5: Choose mode of payment.
We accept BDO & Paypal Only

BDO   (1day process)
Account Name: Gregoria Memoracion
Account Number: 001311362914
Address: Caitlyn St. Blk 76 Lot 16 Tabun Mabalacat Pampanga
Mobile Number: 09568249800

Ways how to send money on BDO
1) Gcash to BDO Clickhere
2) Coins ph to BDO Clickhere
3) Paymaya to BDO Clickhere

Gcash 1:
Gcash 2: 09568249800

Paymaya: 09063549189

Email: [email protected]

Note: Sender must shouldered the paypal fee

Ways how to send money on Paypal
1) How to send money through Paypal Clickhere

Step 6: Put the Tracking/Reference # of your payment.
Step 7: Put the image of your payment receipt.

Step 8: Click submit and wait for your ticket to be processed.

Ticket Process Schedule:
Weekdays: 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Weekends:: 3:00PM - 11:00PM

Put these information on your tickets
Sender Name:
Amount Sent:
Exact Time & Date:
Provide screenshot of your payment receipt confirmation

(Note: Provide all of these to make your ticket processing faster)
No Screenshot of payment or proof of payment no process)

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