Valentines Early Event
Announcement Valentines Early Event | POSTED BY: ADMIN 01.14.2019

Greetings Students,


30Days to go before Valentine's Day, ROPHTB will run special event to make your valentine day more interesting and full of love.


Help Cupid to retrieve his arrow of love from Wicked Cupid, in exchange he will give you a reward, a power of love, Wicked Cupid lurking on practicing yard.


NPC Name: Cupid

Location: MarketPlace 30/22

Exchange 5 Arrow of love = Power of love [15D]


MOB Name: Wicked Cupid

Location: PracticingYard

Respawn time: 2hours

Item Drops: Arrow of love, Refines, Golds


Events start, January 14 ~ February 17


So, how do you like the event? Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Feel free to contact our support section if you have any questions about the event or to give us suggestions for the event and also for the game as well. Please remember that we’ll always work hard to create better and more interesting game and events in the future.

Play ran, play it all the time!

Thank you!

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