Infinity War (Mechanics/Reward)
Announcement Infinity War (Mechanics/Reward) | POSTED BY: Admin 07.15.2020

1) 30k PHP
2) Limited Gear Costume
3) Exclusive Suryun

30k PHP Reward
( Win 6 consecutive CW
(2weeks) and Win 30k PHP)

Avenger Limited Costume
( Win 5 consecutive CW and Win 30pcs avengers limited costumes )

Exclusive Suryun
( Win 3 consecutive CW and Win 1 Hour Exclusive suryun for your guild/allies )


  1.  ONLY TH-EROOM is open during infinity war, other E-Room will be closed.
  2. If ever there is a server problem during infinity war the cw will be automatically void.
  3. Change school system is disabled during infinity war.
  4. No blocker authenticator allowed, only Registered Authenticator can Authenticate the E-Room
  5. No dummy Guild.
  6. Infinity War will end after all the reward is collected. Once one of the reward is collected it will never be repeated.
  7. Secret Alliance to other school is strictly prohibited, any proven alliance act to other school will result to penalty or serious punishment
  8. No Guild registration needed
  9. Aim the gameplay and enjoyment not the prize, Have fun!

Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By Attending this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics.



Infinity War Preparation
July 15 ~ July 19

x7 Exp & x4 Drop Rate


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  • Rvn`
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    PK Kills: 378 PK Death: 18
  • liii
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    PK Kills: 131 PK Death: 58
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